Welcome to Gemini

Hello, and welcome to Gemini. First off, a big thanks to Aaron 'Monkeyman' Nikula for his commitment to the Open Source Community. If it wasn't for him, the internet would be an uglier place. And thanks to everyone who has come to OWD, your reward is all of the beautiful templates to come.

So this is Gemini. The template is aimed at personal or blog type sites. It adheres to web standards, and many steps have been taken to ensure everyone gets the most of it.

Gemini is coded in Xhtml Transitional, and uses Css for the styling. I've made an effort to include styles for all common elements, and even coded up a standards-compliant table. Because tables aren't evil, they're for tabular data.

If you have any questions, comments, or job offers (I do freelance web design in my spare time), please feel free to email me, through OWD, or directly (kmcannon -at- telus -dot- net).

You are free to use this template for any personal or commercial projects, but please do not change some colours and re-submit it to an open source website.

Behold the Beauty of Css Design

Gemini uses a minimal amount of images to enhance the design. The background pattern will continue as more content is added, and the footer will sit at the bottom no matter which column is taller.

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Tabular Data:

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